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Customer Corner


Lovely Labels!

The templates you have all been waiting for...

  • Kat Espinoza

Hello September. How do you do?

Read about customers and their reviews!
"I want/need this!! Plus the SewingBox too!" - Cynthia R.

  • Kat Espinoza

Better in Texas!

Our Attendance of Creating Keepsakes Convention in Houston, Texas!
"Should be called 'The Super Organization Station.' Love it!" - Norma A.

  • Kat Espinoza

Crafting as a Lifestyle

How do you use our custom furniture?
"These would be perfect for Homeschoolers!!" - Nicole B. 

  • Kat Espinoza

Crown Fit for a Queen

  • Kat Espinoza

From Expos to Craft Rooms

Hello crafters! Welcome to our new Customer Corner! 
Thank you for joining us, we have dedicated this area just for you! Leave us comments on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts and you may be able to be featured for the week!
  • Kat Espinoza